Thursday, 29 October 2015


November should be BIG for Sustainability 
at Tai Tapu School. 

Eco warriors plan a Litter Free Campaign and are taking part in a competition inspired by Lincoln Kidsfirst for Selwyn Schools and Pre-schools.  Our aim is to ask families to reduce the litter in their lunch boxes alongside creating really healthy lunches with reduced sugar and less packaged snacks.

Each class will be monitored by Eco Warriors and the number of Litter Free Lunches graphed each day. The class with the least rubbish will be able to plan a fun lesson free day  and the teacher will be allowed some extra release for their own work. Last year Room 7 were the winners and had great fun.

If you checked out the amazing entries for the Litter Free lunch category at Pets Day you would have been inspired. Parents often struggle with the time involved but  kids may surprise you you with their ideas and initiative if they make their own lunches. Buy big and repack into small  containers. Use yummy leftovers from dinner. Have a challenge to come up with sugar free baking options.  Eat Fresh. We all know what's good for us but the biggest challenge is time and planning.

Alongside the reduced litter in lunch boxes we want to reduce the amount of paper used in the school so we will also monitor paper waste in the school.  The class with the least paper in their bin will also be up for a special reward. The money saved on photocopy paper and use may be used by the winning class to purchase additional technology  for the class.